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9 Eating Strategies for Healthy Holidays

9 Eating Strategies for Healthy Holidays

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Getting into the holiday spirit doesn’t mean going overboard with indulgence. Kick off the New Year by navigating through celebrations in a healthy way. Try these nine strategies to make this year’s holidays your healthiest ever.

1. Mindful eating: when faced with festive food, think about eating for nourishment and not going overboard. Enjoy your holiday meal without overstuffing yourself. Keep portions small, take breaks between servings, and stop when you feel satisfied.

2. Choose better options: pick healthier foods for your plate. Go for protein-rich options like turkey satay or ham with pineapple glaze. Spend more time with fruit and veggie platters to cut down on bread and sweets. Find satisfaction in healthier choices while enjoying tasty treats in moderation.

3.Limit alcohol consumption: be aware of the calories in alcohol by mixing drinks with sparkling water or soda. Sip slowly and make mindful choices during festive gatherings.

4. Bring healthy contributions: worried about resisting tempting treats? Bring your own healthy dish to the holiday celebration. This way, you can enjoy good-for-you options without overdoing it on less healthy alternatives.

5. Balance indulgence: plan for festive fun by making sensible choices earlier in the day. Consider a pre-event workout, a green salad at lunch, or avoiding sugary snacks in the afternoon. This sets the stage for guilt-free enjoyment during your festive gathering.

6. Boost workouts: offset holiday calories by spending extra time at the gym or trying new challenges in your routine. Whether adding distance to your run or extra repetitions to your strength training workout, prioritize gradual increases without overdoing it.

7. Pre-party snack: prevent overindulgence by having a small, healthy snack like yogurt or whole wheat crackers with low-fat cheese before going to a celebration.

8. Incorporate physical activities: include physical activities in holiday gatherings. A post-dinner walk or a fun game can burn off extra calories. Be creative and encourage others to join in the movement.

9. Make calories count: if you treat yourself, savor “special” seasonal foods instead of everyday choices. Enjoy holiday treats guilt-free by making your calories “worth it.”

Approach the holidays with moderation, enjoying family, fun, and occasional treats without feeling deprived or going overboard. Remember, a healthy balance ensures you make the most of the season.

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