Provider and Facility Selection Standards

UHA’s provider and facility selection standards and credentialing promote health care quality and member access to care.  Providers and facilities who apply to join UHA’s healthcare network are required to provide the information needed to review and verify their credentials.

UHA verifies the credentials of providers and facilities who:

  • Apply to join our UHA healthcare network
  • Participate with UHA

Providers and facilities in UHA’s healthcare network must meet strict standards including:


    • Board certification
    • State Licensure
    • Professional education and training
    • Professional references
    • General and Professional Liability Insurance Coverage


    • State License
    • Accreditation
    • General and Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

    Providers and facilities that meet credentialing requirements may be selected to join or continue to participate in our UHA healthcare network.  UHA is under no obligation to select and contract with the provider or facility than is necessary to maintain a sufficient healthcare network.

    UHA’s standards of selecting providers to participate in our healthcare network shall not consider cost-related measures, health care services utilization, or criteria that discriminates against a provider acting within the scope of their license or certification under Hawaii law or regulations.

    To obtain current directory information, go to and click on “FIND CARE PROVIDERS & DRUGS” to search for participating providers, or call us at (808) 532-4000, or toll-free at (800) 458-4600 to obtain current directory information, to notify us of inaccurate information, or for language assistance.