Join the Provider Network

Becoming a UHA participating provider has its rewards. UHA is Hawaii's only health plan founded and guided by physicians.

More reasons to become a participating provider:

  • Our participating providers have access to more than 40,000 members statewide. 
  • We are accredited by URAC, a well-known leader in promoting health care quality
  • Our dedicated Customer Services staff is ready to handle all your needs.
  • Submit your claims electronically to enjoy significant time and cost savings
  • Use EFT (electronic funds transfer) to minimize administrative costs and quickly receive your reimbursements
  • Simple Provider application process
  • Online Provider Services allows you to obtain claim status, prior authorization status, and simplified member eligibility verification
  • On-site staff orientations at your request
    Become a Provider

    Interested in becoming a UHA Provider? Join us today.

    Fill out the form below and you’ll receive an application packet with everything you need to become a part of our growing network.

    The information provided here will be used to tailor the application to your specialty, and used as your initial contact information. If you’re joining as a group and all the physicians are new to the UHA network, fill in the group’s name and select ‘Multiple Specialties.’

    Disclaimer: *UHA’s healthcare network is within the State of Hawaii only. We participate with UnitedHealthcare’s Options PPO Network to provide healthcare services to our members when traveling outside of Hawaii.* Providers in our network are selected and approved based on: the review of Provider’s applicable certifications and licensing, submission of completed applications and other documents, network availability, and approval by UHA’s Chief Medical Officer.

    *Insurance coverage is provided by UHA. The administrative services are provided by United HealthCare Services, Inc.