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UHA Is Now Working With eviCore Healthcare

UHA Is Now Working With eviCore Healthcare

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In an effort to deliver an improved prior authorization process, UHA Health Insurance is pleased to announce our working relationship with Express Scripts and eviCore Healthcare to provide services for members enrolled in UHA’s health plans.

Effective November 17, 2021, ExpressPath PA Hub will no longer be in use. UHA participating providers may electronically request prior authorizations through eviCore for dates of service beginning November 17, 2021.

UHA participating providers may also continue to request prior authorizations through phone or fax. Please ensure prior authorizations are completed and approved prior to submission of claims to ensure timely claims payment. 

To request a prior authorization:

For urgent requests:
If services are required in less than 48 hours due to medically urgent conditions, please submit a request online at and indicate that the procedure is NOT routine/standard.

We recommend that participating providers request prior authorization and pass the approval information to the rendering facilities at the time of scheduling.  Prior authorizations contain approval numbers and one or more CPT codes specific to the services authorized. If the service requested is different than what was initially authorized, the rendering facility must contact eviCore to make revisions and authorization prior to claim submission.

Contact Information:
eviCore Healthcare’s Clinical Guidelines and request forms are available at Please call the Client and Provider Services department at 1(800) 646-0418 (Option 4) if you have any questions or need more information. If you wish to speak with someone locally, please contact a UHA Health Care Services Specialist at (808) 532-4006 or toll free at (800) 458-4600, extension 300. 

UHA understands that the process can be burdensome. It has proven to be genuinely important for several reasons (that we can discuss with you) and we work diligently to authorize only those drugs and procedures that are critical. Please reach out to us if the system fails you or is unduly time consuming. We know this can be a source of frustration and we are moving to lessen the burden. Please let us know when we fall short.


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