The Active&Fit® Program Benefits

Active&Fit Benefits

With an Active&Fit membership you can enjoy access to a variety of fitness options throughout the state like 24 Hour Fitness, YMCA or home work out options for minimal fees. Check with your employer if your company is offering the program.

The Active&Fit® Program Benefits

With the Active&Fit® program, participating members will have access to:

Fitness Center Membership Choices

  • 15,000+ Participating Fitness Centers & Studios in the Standard and Premium Networks. Find a Fitness Center near you at*

Digital Fitness Choices with Home Fitness Tools

  • On-Demand Workout Videos: 5,500+
  • Home Fitness Kits: Yoga, Pilates, Swimming, Strength, Fitbit®, Garmin®
  • Active&Fit Connected!™: 250+ Wearable Trackers & Mobile Apps**
  • A quarterly online newsletter on health and fitness

Well-being Choices

  • Live Lifestyle Coaching Sessions: Exercise, Nutrition & More
  • Digital Resources, Education & Classes

    Or, if you prefer to exercise at home, you can select 1 home fitness kit yearly.***

    • Fitbit®
    • Garmin®
    • Yoga
    • Pilates
    • Swimming
    • Strength

    For more information on the available kits, visit Prior to participating in this or any other exercise program, it is important for you to seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health professional.

    Connect with the Active&Fit Community through YouTube and Facebook. These communities are free to join.

    *Membership includes standard fitness facility services. Any non-standard services that typically require an additional fee are not included in the membership.
    **Purchase of a wearable fitness tracker or app may be required to use the Active&Fit Connected!™ Tool and is not reimbursable by the Active&Fit program.
    ***Fitness kits require an annual $10 payment to enroll