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The Five Elements of Wellbeing

The Five Elements of Wellbeing

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What are the five elements of wellbeing, and how is it connected to Gallup Net Thriving?

Ryan Wolf, Wellbeing Lead at Gallup — the global analytics and advice firm that helps build exceptional workplaces — will answer this question and more.

The idea behind Net Thriving is that when your employees’ wellbeing thrives, your organization reaps direct benefits. Employees take fewer sick days, deliver higher performance, and have lower rates of burnout and turnover. Without Net Thriving, your employees’ wellbeing suffers, as does your organization’s bottom line.

Sharing insights from the latest Gallup research — including results from a study on wellbeing in more than 98% of the world’s population — Wolf will discuss the five common elements that people need to thrive in their lives and help us understand how to create a Net Thriving culture at work so that leaders can make meaningful shifts and support their diverse workforce.

Also presenting is Corey Campbell, CEO and Founder from Akamai Training and a Gallup Certified Strengths Facilitator. He will start the conversation on how managers can transition from boss to coach by identifying what employees find interesting, engaging, important and valuable, then having meaningful conversations. 

Get the highlights, insights, and key takeaways from the webinar here.

View the complete webinar below.

Topics of discussion:

  • What trends has Gallup been tracking during the pandemic, and what are some key insights to improve employees' wellbeing?
  • What roles do leaders, managers, and organizational culture play to impact employee wellbeing at work?
  • What are the 5 elements of wellbeing, and how do they relate to mental and spiritual wellbeing?
  • What tools can managers, and leaders use to find employee’s strengths?
  • What’s the fastest road to improving Net Thriving scores? 

Join UHA Health Insurance, in partnership with Hawaii Business Magazine and Hawaii Employers Council, for The Five Elements of Wellbeing: How Leaders Can Measure and Build a Thriving and Resilient Workforce. Moderated by Mike Story, Senior Workplace Wellness Advisor at UHA Health Insurance, this free webinar will provide attendees with the tools they need to cultivate Net Thriving within their own organizations.

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