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Notice for UHA Employers regarding Phishing Attacks

Notice for UHA Employers regarding Phishing Attacks

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Attention UHA Employers:

With the threat of phishing attacks on the rise, it’s important to be vigilant. Cybercriminals are constantly looking for ways to trick you into sharing sensitive information.

UHA Health Insurance wants to remind you:

  • UHA will never initiate any type of EFT (electronic funds transfer) transactions, including ACH (Automated Clearing House) setup – employers must contact UHA to setup all EFT transactions.
  • UHA will send official communication via mail or email.
  • When in doubt, call UHA directly to confirm message authenticity.

General tips to avoid phishing issues**

What is a phishing attack?

  • Generally, phishing attacks may look like they’re from a company you know or trust, like UHA. It may even prompt you to open an attachment or click on a link. However, pay close attention to who the email is coming from. UHA will only send official communications through mail or email. Emails coming from UHA will only come from When looking at an email from UHA please take a few moments to check that the email address is accurate. 

How might phishing attacks affect my business?

  • Cyber thieves send thousands of phishing attempts a day to try and gain access to your email, bank, or other accounts. Please note that UHA will never initiate EFT set up. In order to set up EFT, employers must contact UHA first to begin the setup process.
  • Your own email spam filters may keep out most phishing emails from your inbox. You also may wish to consider additional layers of protection. Please refer to The Federal Trade Commission’s website for more information.

What should you do if you suspect a phishing attack involving UHA?

  • If you receive what appears to be a suspicious email from UHA, please contact your Client Services Liaison or Coordinator at (808) 532-4000, ext. 358 or toll free 1-(800) 458-4600, ext. 358 or email [email protected].

**Please consult your own information technology advisor or specialist on how to avoid phishing issues.

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