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Get Your Flu Shot Today!

Get Your Flu Shot Today!

in Blog by UHA Health Insurance

People with seasonal influenza will exhibit similar signs and symptoms as COVID-19 (fever and cough).  So getting more people protected against influenza will reduce confusion and the burden on our local healthcare system, along with protecting those who are most at risk for serious flu complications.​

Get your flu vaccination today at a UHA-participating retail pharmacy within the Express Scripts network like Walgreens, CVS and many more.

Worksite flu shots are also available!

Available free of charge to UHA members 18 years or older whose employer group meets minimum requirements and is interested in hosting a flu vaccination clinic at their worksite. Non-members may also participate at a discounted rate, although priority is given to members. Check with your employer to find out if you can host a clinic at your worksite.

Download Worksite Guide (PDF)

Due to COVID-19, pharmacies are asking employer groups to take safety precautions at worksite clinics to protect everyone involved.  Here are some of the common safety precautions that may be requested:

  • Provide a space to administer vaccinations with enough room for employees to be six feet apart.
  • Have your employees wear masks and stay six feet apart.
  • Have your employees fill out any required paperwork prior to their appointment.

We encourage employer groups to call participating pharmacies to schedule an appointment, and to find out more details about their COVID-19 safety precautions. 

Please call your local pharmacy to check the availability of flu shots at their location.

Learn more about the Seasonal Flu Shot.

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