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6 Household Chores that Double as Workouts

6 Household Chores that Double as Workouts

in Blog by UHA Health Insurance

Living an active lifestyle doesn’t always mean frequent visits to the gym, going for a hike, or taking a Pilates class. Doing everyday household chores can count toward an active lifestyle – especially when you’re just starting out.

It’s important to remember that moving your body, no matter where you are, is a step in the right direction! Get fit while cleaning with these 6 household chores.

Vacuum, mop, or scrub

Studies show that most people need at least 30 minutes of regular and heart-pumping exercise daily. Set your phone’s timer to 30 minutes, stream your favorite music or podcast, and start cleaning!

Car washing

Cleaning and waxing your car use your shoulder muscles and could help promote rotational movement. When you’re hunched over your computer or phone, this rotational movement can help stretch your muscles.


Repotting plants, pulling out weeds, digging or turning compost or soil are activities that work your entire body.

Cleaning the bathroom

This may not be the most enjoyable chore but it’s a great exercise that you can do for a full body workout. Scrubbing the toilet and wiping off the counters are a great way to tone up your arms.

Cleaning windows and surfaces

Another great way to tone your arms! Try alternating between both arms to make the most out of your arm workout.

Cleaning and organizing around the house

Now is a great time to reset and organize throughout your home. When was the last time you organized the items in your garage? Have you thrown out expired groceries or leftovers? Pushing, pulling, and lifting items will work out your body from head to toe. Make it a family activity to cut down cleaning time!

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