Seeking Care Outside of Hawaii

We are fortunate that Hawaii offers world-class healthcare services, with top doctors and medical centers. At UHA, we believe that in most cases you can get the best possible care right here in the islands, and that being close to home and near your loved ones can make recovery easier.

Still, we do understand that sometimes people look into leaving Hawaii and traveling to the mainland for specialized care or an elective procedure, even though that care is also available here at home.

Leaving Hawaii for care is always your choice, but if you do so, you need to know that UHA may not reimburse all your costs. You'll be responsible for all charges beyond what UHA pays for. Be sure you completely understand what you'll be reimbursed for before you receive any medical services on the mainland.

In order to make sure that there is no misunderstanding, your physician must notify UHA and receive prior authorization at least two weeks before you receive any mainland services. To learn more about the process and what's covered, please contact our Health Care Services team.

Seeking Care Outside of Hawaii

How to Contact Health Care Services

Always call UHA first before seeking a provider on the mainland. Call our Health Care Services team at (808) 532-4006 or toll free at (800) 458-4600, ext. 300. Your call to notify UHA is very important and helps protect you financially.

Receiving Services That Aren’t Available in Hawaii

Some people travel to the mainland for specialized medical care that isn’t available in Hawaii because they were referred by their local physician. If your physician refers you to the mainland you should know that what you pay will depend on whether the medical service is a covered UHA benefit and if the mainland provider is part of the agreement UHA has with a mainland contractor for services. If you are looking to receive care from a provider on the mainland, please contact Health Care Services to discuss your options.

What about Getting Care When You’re Traveling or Living on the Mainland?

UHA contracts with UnitedHealthcare. If you’re traveling on the mainland and need emergency or urgent care; if your child or dependent is on the mainland for school; or if you’re working on the mainland as a remote employee, you can get care from one of UnitedHealthcare’s Options PPO Network of providers. Call Customer Services at 1-800-458-4600 for assistance.