Be Well: Prevent and Manage Illness

At UHA, our Be Well benefits and programs are especially designed to prevent and manage illness. After all, the best way to reduce down time, and health costs, is to not get sick at all – and to catch illness as early as possible.

Preventive Care Benefits

UHA health insurance plans include a free annual physical examination as well as a variety of tests to identify health risks – and to detect cancer and other conditions – with no co-payment, and no deductible! That’s basically no cost1 to you.

Seasonal Flu Vaccine
Adult Immunizations*
Childhood Immunizations*

Your benefits cover the full spectrum of recommended* vaccinations for both children and adults, including an annual flu shot! Influenza is a seriously deadly disease – protect yourself so you don’t spread it to keiki and kupuna.

Office Visits and Screenings
Preventive Medicine Office Visits
Well Woman Exams
Outpatient Screening Laboratory Services
Well Child Care – Office Visits, Laboratory Tests
Chlamydia Screening
Osteoporosis Screening**
Tuberculin Test
Colorectal Cancer Screening
Office Visits and Screenings

Refer to your Medical Benefits Guide for more details and our complete list of benefits.


* All ACIP recommended
** Peripheral Dexa scan or Ultrasound of the heel
1Additional taxes may be assessed by your provider’s office.