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Better Health Better Life – Q4 2021 (Work Well)

Better Health Better Life – Q4 2021 (Work Well)

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Val’s Message

Valerie Davison
Workplace Wellness Manager

How are YOU doing? It occurred to me that I reply too often with “I’m good.” It could be a friend asking me how I’m doing or a colleague asking if I need help with something, “I’m good” is the easy response. In reality, I may have felt tired, worried, or stressed about something. 

Being guarded at work, whether to be politically polite or because of my local upbringing, can hinder my relationships. As leaders, if we aren’t willing to be open and vulnerable, then neither will your employees or colleagues.  

A Greater Good Magazine by University of California, Berkeley article cites research that when we put up a façade, we are likely to feel more depressed and end up less engaged and committed to work. Authenticity allows employees to share their differences that make them unique and with that, it creates the foundation of trust.

How can you create a space to fully express yourself and improve your employees’ wellbeing? At UHA, we got started by adopting the concepts and research in Gallup’s newest book, Wellbeing at Work. Understanding your employees’ strengths is a powerful step to start individualized and meaningful conversations. By combining strengths and wellbeing at work, this can impact resiliency and mental health of your employees.

Here are my top 5 CliftonStrengths: